How do I know what kind of relationship this is? (Or if it’s a relationship at all?)

It’s impossible to know when you meet someone what the future will hold. Does he like you as much as you like him? Is he too keen? Is the timing right? Do you both want the same kind of relationship? Do you just want to keep it casual and see how things develop? Or do you want to know if it’s worth investing time and energy?

People have many different ideas about what a relationship looks like and what they expect from a partner. One guy might want to move in after the second date, while another might freak out if you leave your toothbrush at his house. Communication is the key!

As your relationship develops over time, you may need to consider ‘what kind of relationship this is’ more than once, particularly as the excitement of a new encounter or new relationship wanes. Issues of monogamy, wallpaper or marriage are up to you both. You both need to fulfill your desires and needs if the relationship is going to last … so talk, listen … and talk some more.

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1 in 5 relationships are less than 6 months old.

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