Can our relationship agreement change over time?

Yes of course. In fact, you should revise your agreement regularly to check you are both happy with it. This means at least once a year.

Some people make plans to discuss how they are going and if they need to change anything about their agreement. Making a dedicated time for this kind of discussion is a good idea because it means it is more likely to actually happen than if you wait for it to come up naturally. Also, by setting aside some time you can ensure that the conversation is more balanced — rather than one of you trying to have a conversation when the other doesn’t feel like it, or doesn’t have the time to discuss it properly. Discussing your relationship agreement should be an opportunity to clarify what’s going well and what could be done better.

Men who keep to their sexual agreements are also likely to:

+ be satisfied with their relationship

+ believe their partner is trustworthy

+ place greater value on the sexual agreement